Meet Polly

  • I am an artist,  a writer, a teacher and a speaker.
  • Some patrons of my art have called me a “fiber therapist” (and I am not talking about fruits and vegetables). I specialize in blending varied fibers, papers, and discovered objects into works of art, that for many, serve as a prescription for a stressed and harried world.
  • It all started with a passion for quilting. Over time, it has transformed into a sort of magic that utilizes a wide variety of objects and elements to draw the viewer in, connect with the inner beauty of their being, and to evoke a feeling of serenity and tranquility.
  • I have discovered the calming influence of touching fabric … the textures, the symmetry of color, and the therapeutic influence on the psyche and the soul.
  • I exhibit my art in select shows and galleries throughout the Midwest.
  • The doctrine of Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle is important to me. I incorporate upcycled denim, clothing, laces & upholstery, recycled papers, quilting scraps and a variety of discovered objects to create inspired art to adorn any space.
  • Fabric is the pathway to my creativity, and my favorite tools are my needle felting machine, my sewing machine, and matte medium.
  • I periodically escape into the uncontrolled world of fabric dying and alcohol inks. It opens a new world of creativity to express the freedom of “letting go”.
  • I love exploring … whether a new route, a new technique, or a new artistic method – I find there are no mistakes … because a mistake in art or life creates new paths to follow, and opportunities to embrace.
  • I live in 3 states: Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin.  Some may say that the states I live in are really contemplation, imagination, and disarray.
  • My names are many, so I mostly prefer just being Polly.
  • Rocks, driftwood, birch bark, and dragonflies give me pause to go “aaaaah”.
  • I love frozen and liquid water and all the fun that can be had in/on them!
  • With the support of my dear husband Bob, my two grown sons and countless friends, I am able to be the artist that I am … doing all the wonderful and artistic things that I do.
  • Sharing my art with others brings me immense joy. I love planting seeds for other’s creative spirits to bloom.
  • When I am creating my art, I connect with my gentle spirit … some may call it creative meditation or simply being in the zone … but to those who can see and feel the aura of energy around me, know that it is my gentle spirit.

I love to get out of my studio and teach others … in workshops, seminars and short presentations … so that others can achieve the same good feelings that come from finding your gentle spirit.