Welcome to Gentle Spirit Studio, my online home and gallery.

I am best known as Polly, although my friends and family know me as Polly Sievert.

I am a Mixed Media Artist.

While mixed media may be described in many ways, my artwork … my mixed media … is typically composed of many types of fabric combined with natural and found objects. I strive to create pieces of art that can adorn any room in the home to create a feeling of peace, quiet, tranquility and serenity.

You may find driftwood, birch bark, pebbles and stones, upcycled fabrics, vintage objects, specialty fibers, cotton cording and vintage lace in many of my pieces.

I often use antique and oxidized metals … as well as trinkets that glitter and glisten.

Playing with indigo dyes, batiks, alcohol inks and snow dying techniques help me stay on my creative toes.

Why do I use fabric in much of my work? Because it has been found to quiet the mind and calm the soul.

I recognize that different people experience this feeling with fabric in different ways.  It is for this reason that I create mixed media art in a variety of forms to suit the tastes of so many.

My goal is to bring about feelings of calmness and serenity in those who view my art.  I want people to view my art and have them feel tension roll off their shoulders and a blanket of contentment wrap around them.

All of my artwork has a theme … a calling … a passion – and that is “finding your Gentle Spirit.”

In this world of smartphones, tablets, video streaming, social media, and overall disconnectedness, the visual escape to find your Gentle Spirit becomes essential to daily well-being.

A woman I met at one of my shows called my art, “Creative Meditation.”

I try to give each piece a story.  Each story tells of someone’s impressions or feelings as they view the piece … discovering, or re-discovering, their Gentle Spirit.

Please explore the pages of my website.  You will discover more about me and how I would like to help you to connect with your Gentle Spirit – either in the enjoyment of my art, or through a personalized workshop for your group.

I look forward to the chance to connect with you … or for you to connect with my art.

Find your Gentle Spirit!

aka Polly Sievert

Mixed Media






Mixed Media



Sewing machine



Quilt art



Distressed fabric

Found objects

Visual art

Indigo Die

Snow dying (using northwoods snow)

Ice dying

Alcohol ink

Explore new techniques


Upcycle denim


Upcycled clothing

Drapery fabric

Vintage lace

Various threads and yarns


Vintage fishing lures

Sawmill tailings

Shadow boxes

Cotton cording

Specialty fibers

Alcohol inks

Ceramic tiles

Acrylic paints


Gelli plate

Birch bark


Drill press with diamond tipped bits



Matte medium

Needle felting machine (12 barbed needles) – breaking fibers and joining fibers of other fabric

Aluminum and copper metals


Birch panels

Recycled pallet boards

Hand dyed fabrics

Decorative stitching

In visual art, mixed media is an artwork in which more than one medium has been employed.